Superfinishing parts from 10mm to 340mm diameter up to 1M in length with a fully supported toolroom & inspection facility.

Perfect Bore prides itself on producing 100% inspection reports when required and has a fully controlled logistics division to ensure customers’ parts are 100% traceable when at our facilities.  Inspection equipment includes:

  • Opticline C310 (automatic optical non-contact measuring system)
  • 2D vision shadow projector for measuring radii
  • Passometer measuring roundness and diameter
  • Bore sizing & geometry measurement: mechanical, air & electric gauging to measure accuracy within 0.001mm
  • Portable Faro Arms
  • Roundness measurement: Talyrond TR 252 to measure accuracy within 0.0002mm
  • Surface finish measurement: Surtronic 3+ (20,000 magnification surface finish analysis software) to measure accuracy 0.01 Ra (0.4 CLA)
  • Concentricity & wall thickness measurement: Ultrasonic wall thickness to measure accuracy within 0.050mm.

Superfinishing (Cylindrical)

RoundnessFinishOD Form