Perfect Bore is proud to have Sunnen & Delapena Horizontal Honing, Vertical & CNC Tube Honing machines that will hone all bores from 1.5mm to 340mm.  The horizontal honing division is temperature controlled, producing bores from 1.5mm to 165mm diameter up to a depth of 300mm and match hone to 0.0015mm, working down to the following tolerances:

  • Geometry within 0.001mm
  • Roundness within 0.001mm
  • Surface finish within 0.01Ra

Horizontal Honing

 ID FromID ToDepth
Powerstroke EC 3500s (x3)1.5mm165mm300mm
Hand Lapping Machines (x3)1.5mm165mm300mm
Horizontal Machines (x4)1.5mm165mm300mm

CNC Tube Honing & Vertical Honing will hone bores from 12.5mm to 340mm diameter up to 4M in length with a 3.0-tonne lifting capability:

Tube Honing

 ID FromID ToO/L
Tube Hone (x2)25mm340mm4000mm
CV 616 Cylinder King20mm150mm230mm
Hydraulic Vertical Hone (x3)20mm120mm1500mm