Other Markets

Perfect Bore has a comprehensive track record working as a trusted partner supporting major OEMs and sub-tier companies across an extensive range of market sectors.

We are the service specialists to speak with if you require the production of bores in components to extreme tolerances or to sub-micro geometrical tolerances, combined with specific surface finish requirements.

Our company name is renowned for quality and on-time delivery, with ‘just-in-time’ schedules forming a regular part of our production and development processes. We offer both Research & Development for one-off prototypes, and a dedicated manufacturing facility to produce high-quality mass produced parts to the most exacting tolerances.

Our handcrafted team of technical engineers have extensive experience in international markets, keeping themselves up to date with the latest advances in tooling, and leveraging years of acquired knowledge to fully utilise the latest deep hole boring techniques. Specially adapting machinery, contributes to the making and machining of parts quicker, easier, and in some cases, possible.

We appreciate the importance of heavily investing in the development of machining capabilities and are continually undertaking pure research on new techniques around our core deep hole processing services. This allows us to stretch achievable boundaries, reducing cutting times and offering true manufacturing value to our clients.

Perfect Bore support major manufacturing and engineering markets such as:

  • Renewable energy
  • Commercial hydraulics
  • Large marine and automotive diesel engines
  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Space