Perfect Bore is a trusted partner of choice for major aerospace component manufacturers. With significant specialist bore production experience and an outstanding reputation for quality and on-time delivery, providing long-term solutions that meet the strictest of requirements.

We are continually investing in the development of machining capabilities and undertaking pure research on new techniques. Giving our customers the confidence to off-load the manufacturing of components with critical geometric ID and OD requirements.

‘Just-in-time’ schedules form a regular part of our production and development processes. These lean manufacturing initiatives enable us to offer cost-effective solutions. Whilst our proven Quality Management System (QMS) ensures complete traceability is always adhered to.

Typical components supported cover all areas of hydraulic and actuation systems (including undercarriage). For example:

  • Piston Rods/Cylinders
  • Actuator Bodies/Housings
  • Actuation Pistons/Sleeves
  • Tail Rotor Actuators
  • Spools/Valves/Guides/Bodies
  • Hinges
  • Strut Pistons/Cylinders
  • Cargo Door Pistons/Cylinders
  • Retraction Pistons