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In the field of major aerospace component manufacturers, Perfect Bore’s name is renowned for quality and on-time delivery. Continual investment gives our customers the confidence to off-load components that have critical geometric ID and OD requirements.

‘Just-in-time’ delivery schedules are a regular part of our production and we are proud to support all our major aerospace customers. Perfect Bore has a proven Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure the strict requirements on complete traceability are adhered to.

Typical components supported cover all areas of hydraulic and actuation systems (including undercarriage), such as:

  • Piston Rods/Cylinders
  • Actuator Bodies/Housings
  • Actuation Pistons/Sleeves
  • Tail Rotor Actuators
  • Spools/Valves/Guides/Bodies
  • Hinges
  • Strut Pistons/Cylinders
  • Cargo Door Pistons/Cylinders
  • Retraction Pistons