What does 2018 hold for UK Manufacturing/Engineering?

15th January, 2018

What does 2018 hold for UK Manufacturing/Engineering?

One thing is for sure – it is impossible to predict!  Let me reflect on what I thought would be the factors last year:

  • Oil price to rise to $60 a barrel – it happened and whilst around $70 a barrel at present there are likely to be fluctuations around this from sub $60 and maybe highs up to $80, but it is thought this year it could stabilise, the excess oil in storage will be used and new investment will finally return (fingers crossed!)

  • Will Mr Trump ensure manufacturing activities return to the USA where possible?

  • Will Mr Trump be friendly to the UK?

  • Will our European friends punish us for Brexit?

  • Will the aerospace industry look to reshore or offshore activities?


Nobody saw the snap election being called last year let alone the result.  As well as Trump v N Korea it looks like it is going to be another year where geopolitical factors are the main drivers. 


We at Perfect Bore have ensured we have stuck very close to our core discipline of bore expertise whilst enhancing our capabilities on bespoke programmes with key customers who require a first class service – we are always looking at opportunities where we add value to our customers’ businesses and ours.  How could we help you?  For example we spoke with one of our existing customers to undertake the rough machining of a vital aerospace component that we drill and hone – this would massively reduce the costs and time implications of them sub-contracting the machining to other companies and then sending them to Perfect Bore for our operations.  We will complete our operations and hold the components in stock for weekly call off by our customer.  


So I ask you – can Perfect Bore help you and your supply chain?    Do you have the need for gundrilling, deep hole boring, honing, CNC turning, CNC cylindrical grinding or superfinishing?  Do you perform these activities in house effectively?  Is your existing supplier providing you with a first class service? 


If there are any areas where you think we can add value to your business then please feel free to contact me direct at jason.wyles@pbm-ltd.com.