What Causes Human Error

2nd October, 2017

What Causes Human Error?

Like all companies we are working hard to improve quality and reduce non-conformance.  I have been questioned by a colleague if it right to open up quality issues as this may portray our company in a bad light.  However, I want our customers to think of Perfect Bore as a honest company who will work with them to improve the quality of products the supply chain demands.

It could be argued that quality requirements have got a lot more stringent and with the inspection equipment available today more products are being gauged as non-conforming that perhaps would not have been captured years ago.   Given the criticality of these parts in industries such as aerospace, defence, oil & gas, nuclear we all must embrace this challenge to try and avoid any further catastrophes. 

AS9100 Rev 2016 opens up the causes of Human Error and The Human Factors Dirty Dozen.  How many times have you seen a Non Conformance Report with Human Error as the root cause with no meaningful preventative actions put in place?  We ran a quality awareness session last week in-house and discussed Human Factors with all employees.  It was refreshing to see our employees acknowledging these factors and recognising these traits that can affect quality performance:

We will be continuing to investigate how we can actually mitigate these factors with employees as we strongly believe this will continue to improve our quality performance and in particular putting the appropriate preventative actions in place.  We have simplified our processes so that all employees can fully embrace how we need to operate and a copy of our processes can be seen on our website at:


If you have any requirements for bore services or would like an informal chat on our approach to quality the please contact us and see what we can do for you and potentially your supply chain.   If you have anything urgent you would like us to look at then please feel free to contact me at jason.wyles@pbm-ltd.com.