Trying to help a Customer?

22nd August, 2017

Supply chains are faced with so many different processes that it would be an impossibility to perform them all in-house.  As some of these processes are highly specialised, it makes sense to out-source to companies who are not only experts in their own fields, but who can carry out the work at a lower cost than would be possible in-house.

At Perfect Bore, we have been working on a part with an Aerospace OEM for one of the highest volume manufactured planes.  We gundrill and hone a 17.40mm bore to a 32 CLA finish with a runout of less than 50 microns, 670mm deep in an off-centreline hole in a prismatic block. 

In the five years we have been producing the bore in this part, we have yet to see our customer be able to produce a drum beat supply in to us, or to communicate drop dates consistently.  The company used to rough mill the part in-house before sending to us to produce the bore, but as they didn’t have the capacity to produce the required volume, they subcontracted this operation to two other suppliers (one being a sister company).  We approached them and offered them a solution whereby we would undertake the milling, produce the bore, and stock the parts for call-off as and when they required.

They’ve now decided that as milling is a core discipline, it needs to be undertaken in-house.  The offer is still on the table – and you never know; one day somebody in a decision-making position may look at the actual cost to produce the part, take the logistical problems and lead-time in to account, and conclude that it would make sense to utilise a reliable supplier.

Are there any major headaches or bottlenecks in your own processes?  If so, consider if we could work with you to alleviate these, and help you deliver a better product that is on-time and at the right price!