Reduce your costs, not your services

10th March, 2016

For a lot of engineering businesses, 2016 has had a very tough start as we continue to feel the reduction in demand from our oil & gas tool customers and a general downturn in the main commercial markets.

During these times, a lot of businesses look to retain work in-house to reduce costs and utilise internal machining capacity, whilst others look to move away from non core services so they do not have to carry non-essential costs in quiet times.

We firmly believe that we can add value to your operations during this period of difficulty. As our services usually make up a small amount of the total cost of a manufactured product, subcontracting to us can allow you to continue to offer all of your services while keeping costs as low as possible.

How we can we help:

  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • Guaranteed quality of service
  • Allow your machining facilities to maximise its returns on finishing products
  • Proven quality supplier with approvals
  • Secure facility

Perfect Bore is expert in:

  • Gundrilling and BTA Deephole Boring: Producing bores from 1.8mm to 150mm diam up to 2.8mtrs.
  • CNC Blockwork/Prismatic drilling: Producing bores from 1.8mm to 32mm up to a depth of 1500mm.
  • Honing: Finishing bores with precise surface finishes from 1mm to 340mm diameter, max stroke at 340mm dia being 3.0 mtrs.
  • CNC Turning: From first stage turning operations to finish turning operations producing specialist bores and OD features up to 900mm dia and 3 mtrs.

Please feel free to contact our sales and technical team to discuss any requirements you may have by calling 01264 360800, or by emailing