Customer Service - Good or Bad?

9th May, 2018

Customer Service - Good or Bad?

Over the past three months we’ve been surveying our customers to see where we can improve our service, as well as to provide the necessary evidence for our AS9100 recertification audit.

We all take good customer service for granted, and it is not often that any of us go out of our way to praise somebody who has done a good job or who has provided great customer service. Dare I say that we just expect high standards of service these days? Often if we receive poor customer service then we simply don’t use that company again, rather than providing feedback to give them a chance to improve.

So, a big thank you to all those who completed the survey! I’m pleased to report the results below:

We’re always striving to improve our quality, and we find it reassuring that 94% of customers rated us very good or better in this area. With regards to price – well, I’m sure you’ll agree that nobody likes to admit they get good value as this is almost akin to asking for a price increase! Seriously, we do try to provide our customers with good value for money, but are honest in saying that we do still need to make money to continue to invest in the company and to satisfy our stakeholders.

There are two areas that I’d like to ask for some help in from our customers, and these are delivery and communication. As a manufacturing service organisation we can book capacity for upcoming work and all we ask is to be kept informed of when the material will be with us. Our staff are constantly reminded to keep customers well informed of developments, and to communicate any bad news sooner rather than later so that between us we can find the best solution. However, if you do come across any communication issues with us, please do let me know!


If you have any gundrilling deep-hole boring, honing, CNC turning, CNC grinding, or superfinishing enquiries then please feel free to send them to me at and I will get a member of my team to look at it immediately.