Can we be of service?

27th March, 2015

Here we are – the clocks go forward and Summer is here (hopefully!).  So what does Perfect Bore Manufacturing actually do?  Well, there are three main engineering services we provide:

1. Gundrilling and BTA Deephole Boring:
We can produce a bore through a billet from a minimum of 1.8mm to a maximum of 150mm diameter. The maximum stroke at 150mm diameter is 2.8mtrs.

Our latest challenging job required a 26mm hole drilled 2.5mtrs deep through Inconel 625.

To produce this highly precise bore with minimal run out error, we utilised a combination of specialised workholding methods, new cutting technology optimising the drill feed and maximum machine bed rigidity.

2. Honing:
We perfectly finish bores with precise surface finishes from a minimum 1mm to a maximum 340mm diameter.  The maximum stroke at 340mm diameter is 3.0mtrs.

With the advent of new tooling technology and the results from our research and development into fixturing adaptations, we have seen processing time reductions of between 50 – 80%.

3. CNC Turning:
From first stage turning operations to finish turning operations, we produce specialist bores and OD features.

Our turning capabilities include 2 x Puma 600L and 2 x Puma 400L lathes. This gives Perfect Bore great flexibilty to work with its customers to improve production methods as well as to aid in the design of bore/OD forms to achieve complex critical parts.

Need precision? Need fast lead times? We can help you.

Our sales and technical teams are available to discuss any requirements you may have. Please feel free to contact us on 01264 360800.