AS9100 Rev 2016

22nd August, 2017

Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd are entering its 30th year of business with unbroken experience in gundrilling and honing.  Over the years it has added deep-hole boring, CNC turning, CNC Grinding & superfinishing to its services. 

One of the major issues that all companies must embrace sooner or later if they want to be part of world class supply chains is the requirement to embed quality throughout all its operations and processes.  Having gone through SC21 & F4N programmes we are extremely focused on the need to continuously improve and understand that we will never finish our journey.  We accept we may make mistakes as we do push engineering boundaries and understand lead-time pressures but we work with our customers to rectify issues and ensure that preventative and corrective actions are genuinely implemented.  

Sounds too good to be true?  We have made the leap to AS9100 Rev D embracing the challenge believing that looked at in the right manner this approval can be extremely rewarding and used as a vital tool in changing the working culture to fully deliver a quality attitude and mentality.  Recently one of our customers came to see us to run through our system so they can look to not only make the transition but make it manageable and useable for all of their staff.  We have created a simple guide that you can download to show you the basics of AS9100 and how we have used it to shape our business processes that PBM work to, for a copy please refer to our quality section.

If you would like to know more about our approach or are interested in the sub-contract engineering services we provide then please feel free to contact me at .