Are we ever going to get back to normal?

17th May, 2017

After the O&G slump, Scottish referendum, Brexit, Trump, Article 50 – there couldn’t be anything else on the horizon, could there?  Oh yes – another General Election!  Where does this leave UK engineering and manufacturing?  Pretty much in the same place it has been for several years; for example:

  • O&G engineering companies have found it extremely difficult; machining capacity has been reduced significantly through downsizing and closures throughout the country
  • Major OEM’s appear to be sticking and committing to the UK post exit from the EU
  • Aerospace companies are re-shoring, but major programmes are still not running smoothly
  • Nuclear requirements gathering momentum, but not really filtering through to the supply chain yet

It is fair to say we are all looking for green shoots, but we are now seeing an increase in demand for our services from O&G.  Some of our customers are certainly more buoyant than they have been for several years, reporting the return of work and forecasting strong Q3 & Q4.  The aerospace industry is looking to award long term contracts for the supply of parts into the industry.  Unfortunately, all this takes time and, whilst most businesses have been concentrating on surviving this fragile period, it is vital to ensure businesses can support the supply chain when the taps do finally open.

Perfect Bore has recently transitioned over to the AS9100 Rev 2016 standard.  This has made us address several areas of our business, but in particular:

  • Risk mitigation of jobs at quotation and booking in stages
  • Prevent counterfeit products entering the supply chain
  • Improve communications internally and externally throughout the supply chain
  • Use the NCR process to actually put corrective and preventative actions in place that make improvements to the business, also taking into account human factors

This, coupled with recent ISO 14000 & OHSAS 18000 renewals, is helping our company change its culture to one of continuous improvement and never resting on its laurels – across all business processes.

If you would like us to look at the sub-contract engineering services we could provide for your business then please do contact us and see what we can do for you and potentially your supply chain.   Visitors to our premises are especially welcome or, alternatively, my team and I are happy to come and see you to discuss our capabilities in more detail.  If you have anything urgent you would like us to look at then please feel free to contact me at

I would like to think that, with joined-up supply chains, the risks of investment can be shared along with the rewards.  However, to provide the maximum value to the end-customer, supply chains need to be more transparent from top to bottom with open and honest communication.