£1M Investment

26th November, 2015

Like a lot of engineering companies, 2015 has been a tough year; however we have carried on investing in our facilities and continued with our business improvement programme to provide maximum value to our customers in our core services of GundrillingPrismatic CNC GudrillingDeephole BoringHoningCNC Turning & Superfinishing.

We have recently finished a £1M investment in our new CNC/Prismatic Drilling

Division, which allows us to drill multiple holes in various shaped blocks &
offset holes in round billets. These machines can provide cost effective
solutions to drilling holes in mould tools for high-end automotive
applications, manifolds for oil and gas tool applications and plates for nuclear fabrications.

If required, we can also prepare machined components to your requirements
(rough turning, datum machining, etc) and honing of critical bores allowing
you to maximise your return on high-end finish machining.

If you would like to arrange a dedicated appointment to discuss any requirements you have, then please contact sales@pbm-ltd.com or take a look at our website for further information.